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Ride or Dye

Sagebrush Sweater Set

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100% Cotton Sweater with matching high waisted shorts

Super comfy and one of my first designs!

Model is wearing a Medium

Dyed with California Sagebrush

California sagebrush (Artemisia californica) is a plant indigenous to the western United States and holds significance in traditional medicine. The aromatic leaves of the California sagebrush are rich in volatile oils, contributing to its historical use for respiratory support. Some Native American communities have employed it for its potential anti-inflammatory properties, using infusions or steam inhalation to alleviate respiratory discomfort. Additionally, California sagebrush has been associated with spiritual practices, believed by some to aid in purification rituals and promote a sense of calm and grounding.


Wash on cold cycle. Use a pH neutral detergent (most eco friendly detergents are ph neutral, such as ECOS. Do not hang dry in the sun as it can make the color fade. You can either dry on low heat or hang dry in the shade!


Each item is hand dyed with plants and love!  It can take anywhere from 3-25 business days for us to ship, so please keep that in mind when ordering.  If you would like something rushed, please email us at to inquire.Return & Exchange Policy. We do accept returns/exchanges if items are returned in the condition they were received and within 14 days of date of delivery. Email us at to let us know if you're returning something.